We can write stories about what happened. We can get in touch. One right novel. Find beauty in the desert. Nature in a place that is dry, lacking running freshwater. Restrictions cycling garbage. Multiline telephone poles. Benefits of quality air, power wish. Dry graphite. Wearing all white with a large they stick.


Brown well.

Restaurant lounges.


We heal well. We will happily read the vibration. We get off of our heated floor position. Los Angeles studio. Practitioners are connected. Getting out of line. Ended relationship for patient. Left the ability to work in a changing environment. Wildfire personality. A long-standing pattern.


Humble chain.

Last decade.


Be of lethargy. Live in location. Change the degradation. London circle he worked in purple. Choose to go to sleep. The air comes: sign. Turn different, the possibility. Liberating note. The observer understands encircling. On a wagon. I named my circle: Michael. Refinement; natural script for Michael.



Separate yourself.


Street too busy to slow down here. She do not understand perspective. Each small aspect we work on, our cell is the pattern. Cycles gets reformed. Changes our identity. Changes meet changes. You're in a time of disruption; security; depression; anxiety; worry. Mind cannot settle. Areas of great instability. Externally not going well. 


Broken yield.

Law things.


Laughter is on a road line. Get back where I started. The rest of your life, that's the continue. Back where I started to find my way in a circle. Serendipity of the groups you find yourself in. The wisdom that is always available. Relationship on course correction. Find more mobility in your life…find many places. 



Change valve.


We are to inform the present. The whole land-a*scape of your being. If not clear, there is neither dear. We made contracting living. You're connected from an external force. Work on resolve. This much air time will ultimately change the pattern. It's important to talk about.


A hose.



Unable to ever be moved and that is extraordinary and that is magnificent. Find my way in a circle… talking old. The order in dream recognition. Register what is or leave data N/A. Large value in her media-society-culture pattern work. Little alien healing. Inspiration is always available. The conversation that you're having with your cells. One given day, nature itself, influencing conversations in a row. 


 Jamie ‘Jasper’ Winters