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Heather Hovis Anacortes, WA

"Jamie has a comic heart holding love from so many special places in the Universe. The best way I can describe the work that Jamie does, is she is like a conductor, designed to move structure around in Light form. She came here to bring that gift to support the shift, awakening divine juju is every cell to redefine how we relate to ourselves and our ability to heal deeply from a place of unconditional love." 

Claudia Kruse Topanga, CA

"Jamie Winters is a secret weapon!!! She gives it 200%! She has training in many modalities and really tunes into you to find the best medicine for you. She is passionate about what she does and shows up for you 100%. She starts working on you long before you meet her, and for your session she comes with many tools to help you shift emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically. Jamie is positive, respectful, and powerful, and will constantly surprise you with her knowledge and many gifts. Anyone who has the pleasure to get on her table is very lucky! Healing the body and soul is truly her life’s work." 

Caleb Samms, LMT Bellingham, WA

"Going in to my first craniosacral therapy session I really had no idea what to expect. Jamie's energy was so calming and accepting, I'm very fortunate that my first session was with her. I would describe my initial state as being a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts and emotions. Leaving the session, I felt calm, centered, and focused. Jamie helped to facilitate the processes that were already at work inside of me, and held a sacred space for those processes to advance. With her subtle prompts, I found myself exploring myself, and sharing some of my deepest truths. It was a surreal experience, as I am generally not a very talkative person. I feel strongly that Jamie's loving and non-judgmental presence was key to my being able to really delve into my own center. I will be forever grateful for the space that she was able to hold for me and the love and acceptance that I felt from her."

Kara Coleman, New Jersey

"I first starting working with Jamie at a critical time in my life when I was feeling completely overwhelmed and drained by years of overwork and family stress. My physical and emotional health were really suffering as a result, and I was genuinely worried that I'd never get back to feeling good again. Thankfully, Jamie was able to provide an incredibly safe, supportive space where I could finally begin to coming to terms with past hurts and regrets that were holding me back from healing and moving forward. In only a few months time, my overall well-being and outlook on life improved by leaps and bounds as she helped me let go of what no longer served me. Beyond that, I was able to embrace who I truly am & my own healing gifts in ways that allowed me to step more fully into my purpose & make some major life changes. In short, Jamie helped me realize I was already free to be true to myself and Divinely supported in every way.

Based on my experience, the wisdom, loving compassion, and intuitive healing gifts that Jamie offers in service to others are nothing short of miraculous. She's also amazingly down to earth & funny, so working with her is really a joy--even when sorting through the muck. :) So don't hesitate to reach out to her. It's one of the best decisions I ever made."

Stephanie L. Malibu, CA

"Jamie is like a burst of sunshine to me. I immediately feel her energy and lighter in her presence. Our sessions have been deeply healing, profound and insightful. Her expansive knowledge, and a wholistic approach to mind body soul healing - on many levels- is extremely impressive. I am thankful for her caring and kindness that she extends to me. Highly recommended !"

David B. New York, NY

"I've been treated by Jamie for the last year. Her kind and healing touch have been great in supporting my own processing of physical, mental and emotional stuff. Her experience in massage plus her Craniosacral and reiki tools have contributed to my wellbeing and I'll continue to see her. She's amazing!"

Anya A. Topanga, CA

"My session with Jamie was phenomenal. I had never had Craniosacral before, but I was simply blown away by the power of what Jamie does. She definitely has a gift and is able to tap into immensely powerful spaces to provoke reflection and healing. I had my session several days ago and am still processing and absorbing all that was unlocked."

Mary A. Malibu, CA

"Jamie is a true healer! Since seeing Jamie I have opened and cleared so many blocked channels in my mind and body. Her authentic approach and dedication to her work sets the space to be safe, sacred and healing. I would recommend Jamie to anyone! It feels like an incredible shift to feel back in your own body and to trust your intuition."

Lori L.

"Jamie is naturally intuitive and she has a tender, natural, giving kind and unassuming way about her. After my first session with her, I felt a calm I had not felt in a long time, and I regained some lost creativity. I feel more centered and relaxed since I started my sessions with her and I stay more in alignment for quite some time after my sessions. My integrative sessions with her are certainly meeting my needs and I look forward to each new session." 

Lauren R. Venice, CA

"Jamie is a true healer. Professional, educated, and just a lovely all around person and therapist. I was in a bad accident and she has brought so much relief and healing! A true gem." 

Jessica H. Fresno, CA

"If you are here then you owe it to the greater good to make an appointment for Reiki sessions with Jamie to serve you with any healing needs you are in search for. I was in need of deep healing when I found Jamie and after each reiki session with Jamie I continued to grow and feel stronger and stronger. Now I am in a place in my life where I don't know how I would've gotten to without the support of Jamie. Jamie is compassionate, graceful, and intuitive. With her reiki expertise she provides a space where healing and strength can start to breathe. She provides a space where you can let your guard down and be vulnerable. Vunerable with your desires, fears and dreams. Thank you, a million thank you ofr all your love Jamie. I know my soul and the soul's of the ones I meet can trace some grace, some love, some strength back to you. I feel deeply connected to me, the person I've always wanted more than I can understand. I love you Jamie. Thank you to the end of existence for the supportive healing you provide. Stay healthy, happy and humanly awesome!" 

Jans S. Fresno, CA 

"Jamie is gifted and was so attuned right away-targeted the specific things my daughter needed in energy work. Se's really intuitive and suggested some instruments and activities that would help her dealing with big emotions. My kid was right away comfortable  and calling her best friend after their first visit! LOL when I decided I wanted to do some healing with Jamie I had a massive release that kicked offa flow of more trauma release in the following weeks. So grateful we found her and the way I found her information again and again when I was most desperate- it was God pointing the way to her." 

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