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"Golden Cup Homestead is a spiritual and health retreat center; a farm, a forest, 

a stunning example of ecological design principles. Nestled in the rolling hills of Mendocino County, Northern California, it extends over 120 acres of diverse forests and Oak Savannah with mature Redwoods, old-growth Douglas Fir, Manzanita, Madrone, and California Bays. Remote. Secluded. Pristine air and pure water flowing from our creek, wells, and year-round artesian springs. Golden Cup Homestead is a faith-based, family environment proud to host individuals, families, groups, or small communities seeking intentional living, and a supportive environment to welcome transformation into their life." -Golden Cup Family



Learn to Build with Earth in the Golden Cup Homestead

Session:1 Cob Sauna Restoration

May 6th-15th 2022

Part A: Sculpting Living Spaces–Straw, Stone, Cob, and Round Poles (May 6-8)
Part B: Cob Fixes Everything–Repair and Maintenance of Earthen Buildings (May 9-12)
Part C: Fine Finishes–Plasters, Alis and Clay Paints (May 13-15)

Join us this spring for part or all of this very special opportunity to learn and build and grow together. The 120 acre Golden Cup Wilderness just outside Ukiah in Northern California is home to a dizzying array of Nature’s handiwork, from ancient madrones and manzanitas to moss-covered oaks and even a mature redwood grove, watered by artesian springs and a seasonal stream. Hidden within the forest are private camping spaces, yurts, straw bale cabins, and a magical 2-story redwood treehouse and cob sauna built by the renowned natural builder Sun Ray Kelley. 

Golden Cup is being gently restored by her current stewards, the Clark and Adoracion Pentico, as a family-oriented vacation and spiritual retreat center. Uncle Mud and the Mud Family are excited to join the Pentico family in restoring the beautiful natural buildings on the site and making our own creative additions to the village.

Upgrading and restoring the sauna bathing complex will be the primary focus of this session, with several “test runs” of the sauna. Guests are warmly encouraged to take time to open themselves to the full magic of Golden Cup Wilderness including hiking and meditating and forest bathing and just hanging out.

For those who can’t join us for the whole time, our 10-day build will be divided into three self-contained experiences. Together these mini-workshops will cover the different natural building skills necessary to create and maintain snug, beautiful buildings of your own from local natural materials such as sandy clay soil, straw, stone, and round timber. 

This is an excellent workshop to take if you are considering building your own home, cottage or shed, or just want time playing in the mud in the wilderness with like-minded souls.


Hands Meet The Earth

We look forward to exploring with you!

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