This change took a great amount of strength. It's like opening physical light. When it comes through, it affects the central nervous system. Looking for the he has a lot to do with what it is that we need to look for. Especially when things are upside down. We have been greatly misunderstood as irresponsible, noncommittal or organized aimlessness. Skirting around the edges of existence. Been called, one time or another: the meaning of life. 


Now oneself, I can say in this instance, it has been a part of trusting. Following intuition. You may not have any conscious understanding, you may in fact have more of an unconscious understanding at best. You're connected where this plan is motivated. Forces calling you to get satisfaction in release.


You are completely insane.

This does have purpose.


There is a point that is important. Enough verification and validation that you are going the right way. On the right path. Are you doing what it is that you are meant to? Looks so much different than when it's explained. Compared to society's standards of what to do, how to do it, in what order, in this predetermined structure.


The path love was less.

Mainstream take note.


Collective consciousness is assessed based on the content consensus. The medicine person conduit to the healing path. Service coincides; they go hand-in-hand. Separate in reality. There is a stigma. Attached in wellness. Second-guessed the groundless realignment of the new. 


A stopping point; start to question. My favorite is when you know what you're supposed to do, take all these actions, to fall apart. Moments that happen between time. Decisions based on thinking you need. Key word in this geographic setup. 


A conscious reception. 

Actions upon incident.


The place you decided I know. 

This sounds confusing.


You can go. You must be an oxymoron; hydrophilic indication. Leaves and you. Things happen. Networking that is wondering. How did you miss this not work? Find yourself talking to the universe; being like ‘universe I took the courage’. I have the ambition. I surrender to this insane, you know, ought to journey. Sent on: now look; nothing. 


Going through doors.

Yourself standing in.


Why it is you ever came; a metaphorical place. Physical encouragement spiral down. Attention & space. Particularly trying when you are following. Sad things resonating in. Things start to shift. Plan the thing about trust. Surrender your surrendering. Lose touch. Impart any new immediately. Set sail; grab the lines; grab the ropes…


A piece we forget. 

Touch with once. 


Get going, steer maneuver.  Perceive danger. Motivates you to grab those ropes. You want to survive money. Shelter your housing. Medical food.  Care that people love my name. Copilot selling yourself. Assisting the process where we get lost. Employed on her behalf. Interesting plant.


Developing knowingly. 

Judgment lesson. 


Decipher that information. Today he found his partner. Great White moral. Today because I walked all the way around. Not easy. Light ones often Ray. I'm nursing it together. Fast changing instance. Mrs. War you have become. 


Jamie ‘Jasper’ Winters