Different tire tracks. Inner landscape shifting. Particular shapes; open road. Frequency jam. Blocks your keys. Methods to intercept your own broadcast. Logs half fallen into the lake shadow. Soothe him. TV rarely renowned. Nature walking… algae growth faces. Emotional landscape, vividly different.


Driving thoughts.

Hijack signal.


Drinking physical form. Hanging memory, fascinating, he can no longer receive. Several long intrusive songs. Like breathing from the mind; static; washing your brain. Powerful shrill consenting and unnerving. Awkwardly, smile. Dancelike change. Interfered with, manipulated relation. 


Call cycling. 

Dead speakers.


Today, something generationally clear. Prettiest time before agitating its own influences. The most annoying karma. Excellent effort to feel your thoughts. Clouds doing things. Thinking about the number six. Pawprints near. Nature, clearly rained here. Intuition antenna. 

Receiver: nonresidents. Different kind of quality.


Consider several. 

Open it.


Disabled parking. Reestablishing takes over. Intercept to meditate. Go off authentically. Allergic to your authenticity? Certainly, like family. Large population’s gestures. Change friends or partners or jobs. Moving. Cooking through secure. Nontraditional knowing. She learned enough. 


Touché subadult. 

Molasses decision. 


A new name. The faded street. Love without kindness and respect. Old mailbox. A taller person. Relationship grieving. Thin branches; dead grass. Here-be blessed. Getting out safely. Dynamics, called this, former shallow. Back-and-forth wannabe. 


Move forward. 

Impact holes. 

Existing filler.


Can't fully give love; therefore, really not. Oaktree mourning native family. Old pattern plays echoes. Finally, perspective. Long-term awareness.

Wish medicine.


Jamie ‘Jasper’ Winters