The blowers, how loudly they vibrate the floors. In the highest solar of the day, quiet talk as white light etchings are surfaced. All the ways to reconnect. Layers of karma built upon Barbie. Called the cold 13. Through the leaders impactful ‘today’, expired seminar arguments. We can't sleep outside because the air is too cold. What do we do when we expire…the former.


Kind air.

Red flags.


Truly go. Compatibility overruled. California, these parts, refreshing square. Negative grouchy; heed warning. The need for sexual contact. What we would do different. Before there were arguments… now… start starving. Poverty in place. Eat another opportunity for curiosity. Slightly big. Only cats have faith. Override my actual values; priority; recognize; warning is the fear. Play with the value. Factoring out.


Long time.

Whether or not.


I arrived for creating. By genuine desire, make the decision to look in the eye. Recognize true opportunity in different passes. Having trouble finding that somebody in fear statement. Afraid to turn something down. How you value yourself him. This element of control in the back.


Master manipulation.

No room.


Relationship: people offers. That was the mistake. So many warnings before her, consciously and unconsciously. Committing to that opportunity; animated agreement. Hurt to learn. 


Parking spaces.

Canada's snowball.


Have faith. It doesn't add up. Affected physically. Water is heavily receded and dirty. We, arty, have and plan, accordingly. Don't need proof; don't need to experience the mistakes. You knew that parents can be trouble. Show me biopsy. I've been looking in; listening. There's kind of a catch.


Almost 40.

The mirroring.


Physically, not to be met emotionally. Somebody that can actually give love. The name of this chapter: migrate. Accept an opportunity. Spaces available for something more aligned to comment. Chaos; negativity; toxicity. To stop, so simply, know what is nature. 



Clear idea.

Have goodness.


Even though it's one of the most difficult places to feel comfortable. The largest lesson has no ground cover. Black asphalt. Deftly something to be said. Vulnerabilities exploited. Mixed in with. I was that master, 30 years back. Somewhat intriguing. Quality of life air; in the next community that I live, in order to intersect remarkable character. Alive that way. Like mine.

Jamie ‘Jasper’ Winters