In a different world, the fashion between the gender and sexuality alters language and perception of DNA. What is different? You believe me when everybody is drinking. Apparently, that's in our dinner. Being a fighter; being affected; reflected transferring. Everybody is designed; differently indifferent. Desire to have thought. Like a lottery; everybody wins multitude. Experience the dynamic.


Fat and whatever.

Pressure for the pressure.


Needed years of experience in everything. We people. The time. Not getting enough. Get done. Give up their giving. You like me. Times change throughout one's life. How many pairs of shoes you have had. Stubborn and resisted. Letting it go forth for decades. Perhaps you're too the lesson.


Physically you.

The resident between.


You in a particular way you. One might have grown emotionally; the you. Many you have needed me. The two needed to represent the dial. Aspect of your being ranting. The galaxy well. Dollar the energetic line. Electromagnetic state: fill in your field. Express how you feel. Walk on through the night.


Weird or knowing.

Money will rain.


One moment; last thing; miniature infinity. 



Genuine and authentic.


You might get a lot of swords and blisters. There is so much going on outside of what is. That we are actually fabric. The natural resources. The energy of being part of the soul is in relation to all of the other enough. Heartfelt item.


Walk the same.

So tender.


In our awareness, outside of our control. Human body is in literal mineral. A raw of many different psychological study personnel. True would be there. Deep meditative state they go. They are paid on a level. Part of nature will be the treatment. 


Humanity connection.

Without you.


Everything about need; the energy of itself. Standing on something vibrational. No matter if you have a body. This infinite…we are all about to represent. 


Our normal.



Sheltered, the way you might try to lead. Taking a day. They call that: the cannot be. The well of information: a hobby. Nation: something not permitted. Consciously denying for a lot longer. They go and I understand. All the pain; you get to the light.


Hard email.

Family point. 


Even the out… they felt like a bra. Your inspiration. It's going outside. Sort of amazing. I'm saying: meditate. Available in the care. Literally your feet. Energetic hybrid people.


 Jamie ‘Jasper’ Winters