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Lincoln St.

Touched behind the lake; soft together space. Electrical magnetism shifting words; fight the rivers of the unknown; it’s worth hearing. Saturn and Jupiter; element friends dressed in white birch bark. 


Claim this day: things just are what they are. Smiling bigger, fear time in the salon. Importance of breathing the reconnection and claiming every day. Struck a nerve, need to break free. A forest for myself. One candle leading to the next.


Thoughtful fires.

Video winter. 


Noticed reflection through the body. A place that is destined to be photographed in black and white. Releasing the chance to connect. Diaphragm looking for reason. Mired down in the breath construction. Like lighting, this energy, connects both heaven and earth. Many ways to pass that match.


Interaction helps.

Sprinkled trees.


Full perspective and importance on healing. Literally speaking the truth. Flow-through. The light land. A self of the same. Incredibly special people created. Lines of spice lost down here of far greater significance. Embracing the intensive support junction. Tonight, is captured laughing.


Pay here.

Judgment on.


Thoughts or beliefs. Risk of unity. Getting back in touch with hope, like seeing a group of old friends. A place you are in love with. Through the primary physical pain: neutral.

Next year; transition. A lie. Electrifying stop. More space to cry. Reminded, boxing takes breath away.


Something else.

Happy waves.


History extinguishing.



-Jamie ‘Jasper’ Winters