Claimant: The Heart.

Say something. I had given way. Hello there, little fire Angel. Fierce warrior; caring; texture. Inviting, both, the duality. God came. We dead. Searching for circuitry balance, this error. The liquor came through, that split line; center of that coin. Analysis: five forces. Boundaries far away extracting blocks of reality. Hopefully this is recording. Long term memories are going on in the center. Far away, little busy things.


Glass heart.

Certainly geometric.


Light…do what it is you do. Notes for blueprint. Cross duality. Building blocks, getting in the way. Category: what you love. Getting up force. Got back the moment. Healing sound; balanced way. Guided the claimant. Given way to the fulcrum of your soul.


Different pieces.



There I lead, from which I had. Don't give up searching. Seeking one reality, both sides. Brought extracting; not perfect. Eight skills. The middle lived for. Good at passion. I'm going box. Not fulfilled. Playing music. Reason for being. Know your training. Directions inside the center register. Traveling photography singing. Learning to play.


Stick medicine.

Oils & love.


The inside, ever notice. Profitable kindness. Causes collage gardening. This other direction. You are not where you are. Creating ways for order. Touching people. Living family life. Drawing poetry. Frequency sees stationary. Total things. Keep talking; keep walking. Together in a creative way.


Like focus.

Center point.


Transparency seamless. The long hello. Looking at something that might be. Nontraditional fulfilled. Successful by breaking the mold. Elevation finding. Inspiring people; genuine; integrity. Get paid. Transcendent experiences, hopper energy. Intake authentic. Break free.


Deathly good. I love you Lindsay. 


 Jamie ‘Jasper’ Winters