Honest decades of lifetimes. They graduate. Gaggle; motor; guidance. Nursing to minimize. That house; that job. Sick stability: safety out in the cold basement. Embarrassment invest the rest. Dreams you had for your entire life. Peeled back the paint. A weird year, signed on for life. Your commitment; your intuition; your inspiration; your purpose. Ostracized outside the box; monotony.


Not South.

External life.


Horribly dysfunctional. Solid money, the miserable unstable people within yourself. Stability projected upon them. The most stable thing ever: self-value. The minority in the spectrum. I may talk about the rat race dear. Night media. Enabling yourself. Unemployed journal. Living life baby. Difficult friends. Western formality. Material affects. Homogenous challenge.


Metric love.

The system.


A projection coming. Goal of stability. Safety from risks. Online outside. Thoroughly convert a different now. Deep down we all know. No matter how reliable your job, how much consistency you have…’you are not stable’. There is not a measurement for how you've been living. The surface as your means. Can't even compare. Being asked to give a speech. Competing for normal.


Heating TV.

Being reverse.


Recent hires. Emotional disability. Manage no emotions. Fighting your time. Fairly high; fairly common; fairly accepted; fairly tolerated. Parenting careers measured for success. Looks like the other. Not taking the chance. Social norms of social norm; French relationship. True breaking down.


Meet the marks.

You're stable.


Absolutely not nothing. Pretty shut off. Everyone's concern to act accordingly. Incidents set up. Emotionally available challenge. Stable as a spiritual being; rejecting passion. Practice alone.



Language weather.

Topple over.


Blurted what if life. Modus of opportunist. Indication of instability, Fabio. Efforts all solitary. Bike the ocean. Shift within the storm. Turbulence to pass. Your death. One light. Wealthiest safety.

Jamie ‘Jasper’ Winters